Who is Behind Protego?

Protego is a website owned and operated by insurance broker Simon Roseingrave from Northco Insurance Brokers Ltd (trading as Northcott & Associates).

Northcott & Associates have been operating as Insurance Brokers since 1985, offering services to New Zealand clients from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South. Simon joined Northcotts in January 2000 after 4 years with New Zealand Insurance. He deals with all aspects of insurance risk servicing and advice.

Protego is an extension onto the world-wide web of Northco Insurance Brokers Ltd services. Northco Insurance Brokers are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc (IBANZ) and comply with the IBANZ Code of Professional Ethics in all facets of practice. Northco Insurance Brokers regularly attend industry seminars as part of being Qualified Practicing Insurance Brokers (QPIB).

Wide-Ranging Product Lines

As part of Northco Insurance Brokers Limited, Simon has insurance agency agreements (Broker Agreements) with the following Insurance and Risk organizations:

Simon, via Protego, is able to advise clients on the full range of risk products offered by these organizations, which include Term Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Total & Permanent Disablement and Income Protection Insurance.

Professional Integrity

Protego, as part of Northco Insurance Brokers Limited, adheres to strict procedures for all premium moneys received from clients. Payments made by cheque are to be payable in the name of the applicable insurance company. Payments made by Direct Debit Authority or Credit Card are to be handled by the insurance company concerned. Because all payments are made directly into the insurance company's bank account, and those accounts are audited, Protego's records are not formally audited again.

This website is a free service, with no fees charged for any advice or service provided.

Protego is paid via commissions and brokerage from the applicable insurance company for any completed sale of business placed with them. In addition, Protego may qualify for other incentives offered by insurance companies including, but not limited to, bonus payments, attendance at conferences, and promotional support.

Neither Protego nor Northco Insurance Brokers have any arrangement in place which could cause a conflict of interest in the risk advice provided.

What's in a Name?

Protego is Latin for protection, and we chose it because of its many positive connotations around financial protection for you and your family. For example, although protego as a whole means "protection", the various word parts are interesting as well: tego is Latin for "shield", pro is Latin for "on behalf of" or "for" (as well as an English abbreviation for "professional"!) and ego means "self". Which is what we think life insurance is all about: financially protecting yourself on behalf of your family.

Who We Deal With

We deal with a number of New Zealand's leading insurance companies, so that you can be assured you are getting the best deal possible.

AIG Life »

"AIG Life gives you the security of comprehensive, flexible and affordable insurance. An AIG Life risk protection plan will help you safe-guard the things you value most - your family, health, mortgage and business. AIG Life is a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc (AIG), a global leader in insurance and financial services with operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions."

Asteron »

Asteron Logo

"Asteron has a long history of operating in Australasia, with roots tracing back to 1833 in Australia and to 1878 in New Zealand. Formerly Royal & SunAlliance Life and Disability (New Zealand) Limited, the company changed its name to Asteron on 1 July 2003."


Axa Logo

"AXA New Zealand is a company that has a proud history of helping people for over 120 years. AXA's products are distributed via professional financial advisers throughout the country to provide investment, insurance, retirement and savings solutions to meet your needs. That makes AXA a winning combination of global strength and local knowledge - working for you."

Fidelity Life »

Fidelity Life Logo

"Fidelity Life was founded in 1973 as New Zealand's first adviser-focused life insurance and investment company. Today we are the largest New Zealand owned and controlled life insurance and investment company in New Zealand."

ING Life »

ING Life Logo

"ING New Zealand is part of the global ING Group - one of the world's largest investment, banking and insurance organisations. Products and services offered include investments and savings, wholesale/institutional investment management, and life insurance. ING New Zealand currently employs over 350 staff and has offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch."

Sovereign »

Sovereign Logo

"At Sovereign, we help build and protect a future for you and your family, through our range of financial services."